We know that outdoor recreation provides physical and mental benefits to individuals and economic benefits to communities. We also know that these benefits have not been distributed evenly, with historic and current practices categorically barring groups of people from open spaces through legal and practical segregation, land occupation, intimidation, exclusion, and physical barriers. As both outdoor enthusiasts and professionals, we must stop perpetuating systematic oppression where the benefits of our work accrue to those who already enjoy access to our public lands.

We believe that the benefits of outdoor recreation should be more broadly available to all people and that every community should be empowered to determine where and how they wish to enjoy the outdoors. Specifically, C2 Recreation Consulting will take the following actions to eliminate barriers to outdoor access because of race, socio-economic status, and physical challenges:

  1. Include historically disadvantaged communities in the planning, design, and construction of outdoor recreation facilities;
  2. Spread the health and economic benefits of trail-based recreation to groups that have traditionally been excluded from enjoying these benefits;
  3. Seek to partner with organizations, companies, and individuals from traditionally excluded communities to implement our actions;
  4. Financially support organizations that promote outdoor access for historically disadvantaged groups.